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Powerful women are unstoppable

Miclair is a women's fashion brand moved by emotion that aims to dress women with confidence.

Delicacy, romantic design, and strong attention to detail are features for the trendy and sophisticated women.


We believe that confidance is the best attribute you can wear. And, actually, the world needs more powerful women. That's why Miclair creations are born: to elevate personalities. The crossing between feminine and minimalistic details and the excellence of our noble materials aim to dress our women in confidence.

Limited edition only, Miclair presents every season carefully selected collections especially designed for women. In each theme, new shades, textures and patterns pop up, calling up supreme feelings.

With a background in the luxury fashion market, quality is Miclair'sgreatest motto. The team, specialized in women's fashion, uses noble fabrics and unique techniques that result in pieces ready to fit any occasion.

Miclair knows the most important thing in any piece of clothing is the fascinating woman who wears it.

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